HID powers secure mobile banking for Santander International

HID is recognised by Santander International as an experienced provider of strong customer authentication, and is proud to be a trusted security partner

HID’s collaboration with Santander International was borne out of its own long-standing partnership with Temenos. 

When Santander International selected Temenos for its digital banking platform, HID was brought on board as a provider of strong customer authentication.

“Many of our authentication features are seamlessly integrated with the Temenos banking platform, and this was a great fit for Santander International,” explains Caleb Wattles, Senior Product Manager at HID.

“In the case of Santander International, they implemented HID solutions to protect their web banking and mobile banking channels. We're proud to be a trusted Santander International security partner.”

HID: A trusted security partner

HID has helped Santander International transform its banking experience from web to mobile using its mobile client SDK, which is fully integrated into Santander International’s banking application. 

Called HID Approve, the mobile SDK supports login and transaction signing for a smooth, secure authentication experience.

“Santander International actually transformed from using our off-the-shelf mobile authenticator client to embedding the technology stack directly into their mobile application,” adds Wattles. 

“This highlights how each customer has their unique requirements, and how HID can meet the customer wherever they are in their digital transformation journey.”

Continued collaboration 

Banks are navigating a testing cybersecurity landscape, often having to adhere to regulations and work within their own IT infrastructure. 

What’s more, they face the pressure of having to deliver products and services with exceptional user experience, while trying to stay one step ahead of a faceless cohort of cyber criminals. 

Wattles concludes: “This highlights that HID understands banks have a wide range of needs, and our goal is to provide the tools to empower banks to protect their customers and their reputation. 

“As Santander International continues its digital transformation, we look forward to supporting them along the way.”

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