Pure Storage: Delivering data storage solutions reliably

Pure Storage: Delivering data storage solutions reliably
We speak to Patrick Smith of Pure Storage, about how the firm has pioneered reliable data storage solutions and its alliance with Santander International

Patrick Smith has been at Pure Storage – the IT firm pioneering data storage platforms and services supporting customers around the world –  for five years now.

It was on the other side of the fence Smith spent most of his career in financial services IT roles. Now in a business-to-business (B2B) capacity, Smith has seen Pure Storage expand its customer base significantly.

“Pure Storage’s products have expanded to cover more and more of the requirements our customers have in supporting their data needs,” says Smith. “We’ve grown as a business too – constantly delivering and outpacing our competitors in terms of growth.”

Pure Storage: The perfect partner for Santander International

Having “switched sides of the table” to take a role on the supplier side of finance, Smith has helped oversee Pure Storage’s partnership with Santander International, a relationship that has been going strong since 2021. 

Smith notes: “As you can imagine with any bank and financial services organisation, being able to deliver reliable business services to your customers is essential – so these were immediate issues that needed solving.

“Not only did Santander International need a reliable platform, but also one that could deliver excellent customer support. Without customer support alongside reliable products, you have a suboptimal experience.

“We really were the perfect solution with a focus on simplicity which meant the IT team at Santander International didn’t need to attend weeks of training courses or read thousand-page manuals. Our simplicity allowed Santander International to get the systems into its data centre, set up quickly and easily, and into production.”

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Pure Storage: Convenience is STaaS

An essential aspect of partnering with Pure Storage was that it enabled Santander International to enhance its use of data in rapid time. But this was not the only benefit of partnering with Pure Storage, its Evergreen//One subscription model was also a significant pull in terms of convenience and added value services.

Smith says: “Going down the subscription route gives any financial institution flexibility, and the knowledge that costs are under control, the customer pays for the data they store but they don’t own any of the assets, that can be very appealing.”

“Institutions and banks like our partner Santander International don’t have to worry about infrastructure and consuming a service means lifecycle management is of no concern, nor is out-of-date technology or downtime associated with changes to the environment.

“Lifecycle management of technology is typically a challenge so having an easy-to-consume subscription model that eliminates legacy has really delivered for Santander International.”

Measuring reliability with Pure Storage

With reliability the driving principle behind Santander International’s decision to partner with Pure Storage, how does Pure Storage ensure its own services are just that – reliable? 

As Smith puts it: “We’re confident in our technology and back it up with service-level agreements that include guaranteeing six 9s of availability as well as performance commitments. If we don’t meet the SLAs commitments, we provide a service credit to the customer.

“When Pure Storage first started, a lot of effort went into the technology architecture, optimised for flash, these innovations underpin our storage service – delivering performance, reliability and efficiency.”

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