IBM & GSMA aim to Close AI Skills Gap via Training Programme

IBM and GSMA are collaborating to increase global AI adoption and skill sets within the telecoms sector by launching an AI training programme

IBM is partnering with non-profit telco organisation GSMA to support the adoption and skills of generative artificial intelligence (Gen AI) in the telecom industry. 

The AI training initiative is the first as part of a new advance series by GSMA to build skills, foster innovation and champion workforce diversity. It seeks to prepare telco leaders for the ever-evolving AI era by working to bridge the skills gap within the industry. 

It aims to equip members with skills and knowledge to better leverage Gen AI technologies using IBM’s watsonx platform and its AI and data platform with AI assistants.

Applying Gen AI to the telco industry

The rapid rise of Gen AI has caused real disruption to multiple industries, especially telecommunications. It holds the potential to revolutionise the telco industry by improving networks and connectivity, in addition to working with vast amounts of data, identifying platforms and generating solutions to improve customer experience.

With companies finding new ways to develop business models, 2024 will continue to be a revolutionary year for the telco industry.

The training programme with IBM and GSMA has been designed for leaders of telecom companies and will span a range of topics, from AI principles to specialised Gen AI applications.

To ensure widespread access, GSMA Advance AI Training sessions will take place at IBM offices in five locations around the world in 2024, including Dubai, London, Mexico, New York and Seoul, and an online training program will be available in multiple languages.

Additionally, the programme will leverage IBM watsonx to deliver training designed for architects and developers with in-depth practical Gen AI knowledge. With access to this platform, the aim is to enable members to improve cost leadership and revenue growth, in addition to enhancing customer experience. 

As businesses today innovate with AI, the watsonx platform enables them to manage, monitor and govern models from wherever they choose. This new training programme is part of a 2023 commitment from IBM to train two million learners in AI by the end of 2026, collaborating with global universities to deliver AI training to adult learners.

Bridging industry skills gaps with AI

Via this partnership, both organisations are keen to democratise AI aims to ensure that customers will benefit from greater connectivity. This will be achieved via equipping employees with AI knowledge and the necessary skills and training.

Through both the GSMA Advance AI Training and Foundry Gen AI programs, the GSMA and IBM will help address the gap in AI skills, training and tools, supporting GSMA's commitment to operators of all sizes across the world.

Through this initiative, the GSMA and IBM aim to allow operators, including those supporting the world's least connected communities, to benefit from AI technology. As a result, they can develop new solutions to help connect those in society who are not yet online.

“As a world leader in AI for business, IBM will provide critical support to this training for the telecom industry through this collaboration with the GSMA,” says Stephen Rose, General Manager of Global Industries at IBM. 

“Generative AI can create massive opportunities for communication service providers as they look to optimise current processes, and like the GSMA, our goal is to offer this technology within the industry, which we're making possible through watsonx.”


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