May 17, 2020

Google TPU chips to be made available to external developers

Machine Learning
Jonathan Dyble
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Machine learning
In a blog post, Google has revealed that its AI accelerator chips have now been made available in a limited number to external customers looking to deve...

In a blog post, Google has revealed that its AI accelerator chips have now been made available in a limited number to external customers looking to develop machine learning technologies on the Google Cloud Platform.

The Cloud tensor processing units (TPUs) are Google’s in-house hardware accelerators that are designed to speed up machine learning (ML) programmes that have been developed using Google’s TensorFlow software.

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Each TPU has been built with four AI-based application specific integrated circuits (ASICs), providing up to 180 teraflops of performance and 64GB of memory in a single chip, built specifically to be implemented in ML supercomputers.

“Since working with Google Cloud TPUs, we’ve been extremely impressed with their speed—what could normally take days can now take hours,” said Anatha Kancherla, Head of Software, Self-Driving Level 5, Lyft.

“Deep learning is fast becoming the backbone of the software running self-driving cars. The results get better with more data, and there are major breakthroughs coming in algorithms every week.”

The move comes less than two years after the company launched its TPU project back in 2016.

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Jun 15, 2021

Searching for the Top 100 Leaders in Technology

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Have your say and nominate technology industry influencers and legends in our search for the Top 100 Leaders announced at upcoming LIVE event

The search is on for the Top 100 Leaders in Technology 2021 – nominated by readers of Technology magazine and open to all.

The initiative has been launched and nominations are now open, with the final, prestigious Top 100 due to be announced during Technology and AI LIVE running 14-16 September, beamed from London to the world.

This latest, definitive list of the leading executives and influencers in the industry will be announced at the event and shared across social media channels, this website, and presented in a special supplement that honours all of those named in our annual list.

The Top 100 Leaders follows on from the well-received Top 100 Women in Technology that BizClik Media Group (BMG) – publishers of Technology magazine, AI magazine and a growing portfolio of industry-leading titles – produced in March this year to coincide with International Women’s Day. 

“The Top 100 Women recognised the incredible and influential women driving our industry,” says Scott Birch, editorial director, BMG. “The success of that initiative encouraged us to recognise the Top 100 Leaders – individuals championing everything that we love about technology and embracing best practice that’s good for business.”

Nominations are already coming in, with some notable highlights including:

Rhonda Vetere - Herbalife

Bryan Smith - Expedient

Nominate your Top 100 Leader HERE

The deadline for nominations closes on Sunday 1 August 2021, and it is free to nominate. The Top 100 Leaders will be announced across our platforms and at the LIVE event.


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