DXC enables Syngenta's service to farmers worldwide

Syngenta is a key client within the DXC Partner Ecosystem: Together we enable farmers with solutions for sustainable agriculture to meet the world’s demand

Syngenta's mission to innovate sustainable agricultural solutions that enable the world's farmers large and small to feed the ever-growing global population cannot be achieved without the application of technology. To this end it looks for like-minded collaborators – agile, forward-looking and effective. DXC has been working with Syngenta for more than 20 years, and in that time the two companies have built a powerful synergy.

DXC Technology Global Account Executive Urs Geissmann. “DXC/Luxoft has established itself as Digital Transformation Partner for Syngenta on its journey to become a leader in Digital Agriculture. We are supporting it in several areas linked to DXC/Luxoft’s offerings like analytics and engineering, applications, cloud and security, and modern workplace. We have been told by Syngenta that we are regarded by them as a thought leader because of the proactive way we have come forward with ideas and applications that are applicable to Syngenta's industry. They find DXC/Luxoft to be an attractive company to work with because of our combination of digital expertise with Life Science industry knowledge.”

This is endorsed by Sunil Menon, who is a Managing Partner leading the global Life Sciences business at DXC. “We have a long history of developing and managing software implementations but now we are increasingly relevant in catalysing business change. The urgent challenges facing the agriculture industry require the adoption of innovative digital solutions and digitally driven business transformation. DXC is very much aligned with Syngenta and its drive to keep the farmers as its central focus, keenly aware of their needs and developing the digital ecosystem that will transform their industry. We are a member of the AgGateway where we implemented and operate some of the essential platforms and solutions used to share data and facilitate interoperability.”

One of the key ways DXC/Luxoft adds value to Syngenta lies in the deep experience of multiple verticals that it can draw on, says EVP of Digital Engineering Sam Mantle. “We see our relationship with Syngenta as very much a long-term partnership - we feel that we built a strong level of trust between our organisations. Syngenta wants to build a relationship with its clients, in the realisation that digital products and digital services are going to be an integral part of how farmers and agricultural communities can create better products, can create better yields, can be more friendly to the environment and can optimise their supply chains. The possibilities for the application of technologies in agriculture and food production are literally endless, and that will be a win for DXC/Luxoft, a win for Syngenta, and ultimately a win for the planet.”

Finally, Sunil Menon emphasises that speed of change is what will differentiate winners in the Agritech ecosystem, building digital solutions at scale that build the clients' capabilities and enable them to achieve their ambitions.


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