ICYMI: Cyber resilience and what chatbots say about culture

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How can organisations ensure cyber resilience?

Keeping up with the latest attack patterns from malware groups has always been a top security priority. But while it is essential to understand how cyber criminals gain initial access, it has become increasingly important to focus on what happens after this - understanding how they move from one machine to another. Yaron Kassner, co-founder and CTO of Silverfort, discusses how ransomware attackers use lateral movement to attack an organisation and what can be done to ensure cyber resilience.

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Time to recognise what chatbots say about company culture

While it may be straightforward to train service agents on the relationship between company culture and service, the process to do this when training an AI is different. Set aside the technical details around training a new AI tool, and there’s also the cultural challenge to make sure all tools, particularly chatbots, respond in a way that reflects the brand. Peter Lorant, EMEA COO, Zendesk discusses how businesses can bring AI into their CX operation whilst ensuring it’s the best fit for your company culture.

Read the full story: https://technologymagazine.com/ai-and-machine-learning/time-to-recognise-what-chatbots-say-about-company-culture

OSN’s predictions for the future of media broadcasting

Movie and video streaming represent one of the largest and fastest growing global sectors, with a number of pioneering providers continuously evolving these services. Such industry figures are connecting viewers across the world with more choices, more autonomy and more flexibility. Peter Riz, the former CTO of OSN, reveals his future predictions for media broadcasting and OSN’s approach to meeting our ever-changing entertainment needs.

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GBAPS breaks barriers to technology, improving education

With new technology comes added risk. Luckily, cybersecurity is another core aspect of digitisation so, although there are increased attack vectors, there are increasingly more sophisticated ways of countering these and adapting such programs to meet the needs of users. This is particularly true for Green Bay Area Public Schools (GBAPS), which has been on a journey to transform the way it operates, squeezing every last ounce of education into its students while making learning easier and more fun in the process.

Read the full story: https://technologymagazine.com/videos/gbaps-breaks-barriers-to-technology-improving-education

Ensign InfoSecurity: Asia’s largest pure-play Cybersecurity

Organisations across all industries have been undergoing digitalisation, adopting new technologies to transform their business operations, raise productivity, and innovate. This trend is further accelerated by COVID-19, which, in turn, has been driving a steady increase in the demand for cybersecurity as organisations’ digital attack surfaces continue to expand. Charles Ng, Executive Vice President for International Business & Key Accounts for Ensign InfoSecurity, talks about cybersecurity, R&D and Bukalapak.

Read the full story: https://technologymagazine.com/articles/ensign-infosecurity-asias-largest-pure-play-cybersecurity

Driving forward edge tech with Intel partners at the helm

In partnership with Tech Mahindra, Intel is driving the future of edge technologies with its Intel Smart Edge Platform: an edge-native distributed computing platform that enables developers and organisations to deploy and manage container-based workloads with cloud-like ease and security at the edge. Intel’s Renu Navale explains how the company acts as a critical driver for the future of edge adoption and its collaborative partnership with Tech Mahindra.
Read the full story: https://technologymagazine.com/articles/driving-forward-edge-tech-with-intel-partners-at-the-helm


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