Dell Technologies and Singapore Pools: transforming IT

By Harry Menear
Eric Seow of Dell Technologies on working with Singapore Pools to deliver IT transformation in the face of changing consumer demand...

 Dell Technologies is a relentless enabler of digital transformation, supporting its partners’ technological needs today and helping them unlock the potential of this new, data driven era. 

“At Dell Technologies, we provide the essential infrastructure for organisations to build their digital futures, transform IT and safeguard their most valuable asset: data,” says Eric Seow, Financial Sector District Sales Director for Dell Technologies Singapore. “We offer our customers the broadest and most innovative technologies, cloud solutions and services portfolio, coupled with flexible consumption models.”

Dell Technologies was chosen as a key technology partner by Singapore Pools, supporting their digital channels initiatives designed to enrich customer experience, as well as unlock the potential of new, innovative technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and blockchain, as well as the adoption of hybrid cloud and IT automation.

Singapore Pools’ journey with Dell Technologies began in 2015. “They decided to launch a digital channel to better engage their community of consumers,” says Seow, an innovation that has been key to meeting the demands of changing consumer behaviour. 

Yeo Teck Guan, Singapore Pools’ Chief Business Technology Officer, needed a strategic technology partner that has the ability to deliver technological innovation and support those innovations throughout their lifecycle with a dependable leadership team and a highly competent and experienced professional services team. 

“He saw this in Dell Technologies,” says Seow. “We delivered what Singapore Pools needed: highly resilient, high-performance infrastructure that powers their 24/7 digital platform. Since then, our partnership has grown even stronger and we have embarked upon several initiatives to inject new IT capabilities and greater resiliencies into their organisation.” 

At the heart of this ongoing relationship, Seow explains, are commitment, empathy and trust. He adds that, “Having a close collaborative relationship is one of the key ingredients for any successful outcome. To develop that kind of relationship, there must be trust at every level. We have earned that trust through years of successful engagement and delivering on our promises.” 

As the world came to terms with the new normal over the past year, Dell Technologies has been a valuable partner to organisations throughout Singapore and across the rest of the world, facilitating the global shift to remote work, and helping their customers not only keep the lights on amid trying times, but embrace the opportunities presented by the crisis. 

“We have seen a significant acceleration of digital transformations during the past nine months. While some industries have scaled back, others have put a lot more emphasis on digital channels, as they look for how best to engage their customers, as well as how to keep their staff productive and safe,” Seow recalls. 

Going forward into 2021, Dell Technologies will continue to support its valued strategic partners and customers - including Singapore Pools - as it facilitates success in the new normal, and helps organisations leverage increasingly vital digital platforms and applications to drive successful outcomes. 

“We are seeing digital platforms becoming more vital for organisations to connect and deliver their differentiators to the consumer; blockchain becoming an intrinsic technology that will strengthen the security portfolios of businesses; the rollout of 5G overcoming the limitations of 4G in a way that will drive new use cases for IoT and create more innovative business models; and artificial intelligence, machine learning and automation as essential success factors in this new data driven era,” says Seow. “Dell Technologies has made vast investments over the years in all of these key technological advancements, with many of them being incorporated into the design of our latest products and solutions.” 

This year, Seow sees Dell Technologies’ relationship with Singapore Pools reaching new levels of engagement and innovation, as the two organisations “continue to explore new use cases for these advanced technologies and assess how we can deliver meaningful, enriching capabilities for Singapore Pools and their community of consumers.”  


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