ICYMI: Banks get cut out and “thermal attacks” cyber threat

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Banks being cut out of business deals by fintech challengers

A new report has revealed two-thirds of business clients don’t have confidence in their current bank’s payment processes provision, and 62 per cent are already working with a fintech provider in an ongoing atmosphere of competition between traditional financial institutions and fintechs. The report, The Forces Disrupting Payments, found financial institutions working with business clients are being cut out of the economic process by new fintech payment providers. Carried out by BNY Mellon in collaboration with Aite-Novarica Group, the research shows banks are slowing this trend by partnering with larger financial institutions that have already built new connections with fintechs.

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Here's how semantic platforms turn data into knowledge

Your business needs data to make informed decisions about where to go next. But that data is often skewed towards numerical analysis rather than knowledge, experience, and real-world facts. A semantic platform turns raw data (in any format) into real-world insights. It's not easy to pull off, so here is a guide to help.

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Manufacturing industry welcomes the warehouse of the future

Artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotics are just some of the technologies that will transform and automate the humble warehouse. These new technologies are crucial as manufacturers battle challenges to drive profit and improve efficiency. One key challenge is the trade-off between inventory accuracy – which is so crucial because it ensures that workers picking products from locations to fulfil orders are as productive as possible – and the costs needed to achieve that accuracy.

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APIs: Why are your APIs primary targets for attackers?

APIs occupy a crucial place in the web and mobile applications today since they are responsible for almost everything you do on the internet, be it – ordering food, buying tickets, downloading music, or checking into a flight. What makes them primary targets for attackers? How can you ensure robust API security?

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New “thermal attacks” can crack device passwords in seconds

Security experts have developed a system that can crack passwords in seconds by tracking traces of heat left by fingers on keyboards and screens.

Researchers from the University of Glasgow developed ThermoSecure to illustrate how readily available and inexpensive thermal imaging cameras, combined with the increased availability of machine learning, have created new risks in the shape of so-called “thermal attacks”.

Read the full story: https://technologymagazine.com/articles/new-thermal-attacks-can-crack-device-passwords-in-seconds

Global governments fail citizens with poor digital progress

Just 7% of government leaders believe their organisations have kept up with digital transformation targets, according to a new report by EY, and the lack of progress is failing citizens around the world. The report – How Can Government Workers and Technology Align to Serve Future Citizens? – also suggests momentum for digitalisation built up during the pandemic is in danger of being lost, and government workforces are not prepared to capitalise on the benefits of digitalisation.

Read the full story: https://technologymagazine.com/articles/global-governments-fail-citizens-with-poor-digital-progress


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