Top 10 Craziest Technologies of Today

We take a look at some of the craziest technologies of today

Technology is constantly changing and innovating. Technology can now be used in every work industry as well as our daily lives. Here we look 10 of the craziest and strangest technology items and advances that are changing the world we live in.

10. 3-D Printing 


3D printing has become increasingly popular as they are becoming more accessible, unlike the traditional printer 3D Printers are able to print and create 3 dimensional objects. This technology is continuing to advance and some printers now have capabilities of printing food and even organs. 

9. Smart Devices


Smart devices, such as the Echo Dot and Google Nest are commonly seen within the household. These devices are voice controlled assistants which can complete daily tasks, answer questions and play music. These devices can also be used alongside other smart home devices such as thermostats, lights and leading towards a smarter home. 

8. VoicePrint 


VoicePrint, similar to facial recognition and fingerprint technology, is used as a security system. Banks and credit unions are beginning to integrate this technology into their security to avoid using standard methods such as pins and questions. 

7. Robotic Vacuums 

Robot vacuums are devices that are programmed to hoover without the need of human assistance, unlike the standard hoover these robots are not hand held. The robots are small devices which can carry out cleaning related tasks such as vacuuming and mopping. Vacuums created by iRobot are able to empty themselves as well as charge themselves. 

6. Smart Baby Monitors 


Smart Baby monitors allow parents to monitor their children's sleep behaviour and vitals. The Owlet baby monitors have audio control, in time video camera, vital monitoring, and can also be used and accessed through a smartphone. These devices allow parents to respond to their children from another room and monitor them through any health concerns. 

5. Translation Headphones


Translation Headphones are used to translate other languages to the user's chosen language in almost real time. These remove the need for translators, translation apps and dictionaries. This technology could be used within the workplace or within the travel and tourism industry. The earphones created by KUDO are some of the most popular and technologically advanced. 

4. 3D Body Scanning 


3D Body Scanners are not new technology, they are commonly used in airport security to scan people before boarding flights. This technology is now being integrated into the retail industry. Amazon is experimenting with 3D Body Scanners to allow customers to try clothes on before purchasing them.  

3. Google Glass


Google Glass is smart eyewear technology that is able to display information and content in a similar way a smartphone does, these glasses are used hands free. Users are able to control this device via voice control. 

2. Driverless Cars


These cars are capable of driving without little to any assistance from humans. Tesla is one of the most popular companies to integrate this technology within automotives. The cars can detect their surroundings and environment, to then travel in the safest way, this type of technology can be safer than the standard method of driving because the technology is able to reduce the chances of serious accidents. 

1. Brain Computer Interfaces


A company called Neuralink is experimenting with implantable technology that will allow medical professionals to restore patients' sensory and motor function due to accidents or neurological disorders. This technology is also planned to be used in ordinary brains to improve and advance our memory and intelligence.



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